AltDoIt R&D Is a software development divisional unit of VSTLive LTD. It provides unique and creative software/hardware solutions in numerous areas, including Real Time Applications, Embedded Systems, Database Systems, Graphic Applications, IT & Web Applications and Client – Server Application Development.

Since 2005, AltDoIt found that is has been evolved in numerous embedded projects, and decided to expand its services in hardware field to provide board and layout design. Electrical Analog & Digital Design, Noise Reduction Solutions, Hi Speed Systems Solutions, Power Design and Optimization, Sound/Music Generating Systems and Trouble shooting.

Our personnel base is comprised of professionals who are very experienced and in various fields, which allows us to accommodate our software/hardware development abilities to the needs of our costumers, and gives our company the ability and strength to enter new fields smoothly.

AltDoIt R&D was established by Bishara Khell since 2005. today altdoit is one of the top five functional and divisional units of VSTLive.

  1. AltDoIt R&D
  2. Khell-lab Studios
  3. MidiIO
  4. 0Bab
  5. Bishara Khell

Company Philosophy

To achieve the best possible software solutions that comply with our customers requirements and budgets, we are committed to make every effort to come up with suggestions and options that can facilitate and improve all projects we are involved in.