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Key Features: (Coming soon)

  • Drag and drop your MIDI track directly from your DAW to our cloud
  • Wait few seconds and our system will make your phrases sound as human as possible
  • Drag and drop your processed MIDI track back to your DAW
  • Calibrate your sound libraries
  • BringToLife™ is designed for violin, viola, and cello.
  • Specific presets to support commonly used libraries;
  • Matrix view to indicate issues;
  • Advanced instrumentation analysis and automatic error resolution.

Around thirty years ago, three or four different recordings of an instrument were distributed across one octave, which meant that mapping an instrument was limited to approximately 16 samples. But we now know that a single instrument produces thousands of samples and millions of variations. This succinctly illustrates the fact that the coverage of instrument mapping or ‘modeling’ was very poor at that time.

Today, with more CPU power, memory and storage available, 40 or more different recordings can be organized to serve a single note. We now understand that every single pitch can be played with 10 or more key switches, at 5 or more dynamic levels. This makes it abundantly clear that in order to map an instrument, we may ultimately end up with thousands of samples in order to deliver the quality of coverage desired.

Of course, it is now also possible to arrange a single phrase and make it sound considerably more realistic. However, the point is that choosing the appropriate sample for each note is hugely time-consuming. It can take a vast amount of time to add bending, expression, modulation and other desirable midi controls.

Are you really familiar with the instrument that you’re playing? Did you know that trills on C# and D# sounds terrible on the side flute? Did you know that the bassoon cannot produce soft phrase at the low register? Do you really completely understand the qualities of each and every instrument?
VSTLive does…so why not just choose an instrument from your sound library, play your part, then let us do the job?!


Audio platform based on general MIDI sound generator.

We built platform for musical therapeutic instruments for people with special needs. The system is a biofeedback stand alone system that measures the grip force as an input and produces sound as an output.
The system includes display and control switches for browsing the different programs. The output sound is correlated with the input according to different predefined algorithms. The system is based on two chips and grip force sensors. The core of the system is a micro controller “TI MSP430”. The sounds are general midi sounds produced by a standard sound generating chip.

Design Considerations Noise:

The sound of the audio should be clean of noise which requires special attention in board design and in power supply design.
Memory size: The memory in the system is limited to 8Kbyte flash memory. Special care was given to optimizing the code. Real time sampling: The sampling of the inputs should happen at fixed times regardless of any parallel activity that the microcontroller is occupied with.
Product life time: The used components need to serve the project for at least 5 years and preferably 10 years.
The design was executed for AnalogTone.