Electro Uterine Monitor

Jan 18, 2021 Desktop, Medical, Realtime

The Electro Uterine Monitor software provides accurate data and rapid analysis of the uterine state. The system is a diagnostic monitor that can accurately determine the start of labor, based on electromyography technology.

EUM Electrod Posisionning Configuration

Main Features

  • Simultaneously multi channel Logging, form different devices, using different technology:
    • USB: A real time application receive data from Analog to Digital device connected thought a USB, Supporting a different levels of sampling rates frequencies.
    • Serial Port RS232:  The software also connected to a 3D positioning sensor connected through a serial input.
    • User interaction: collects patient information, system configuration and settings.
  • Different layouts for the offline replay which allows a transparently review of the logged data.

Design Considerations

  • Development Environment: Choosing MFC visual studio, was fair enough to ensuring high performances in acquisition, saving and display.
  • Object Oriented: OOP is claimed to give more flexibility, easing changes to the program in the future.
  • Memory management: An advanced buffer design and memory management are required to allow such “real-time data acquisition” and
    “signal graphic display” software, to run far form any loss of data and all under the optimized system resources.

EUM Main Screen

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