Jan 18, 2021 Desktop, Medical

The PharmaSpenser software application is a store of medications which is managed by a smart and fast robot, intended to optimize the time of dispensing the medication for clients.
Both robot and store are controlled and managed by the PharmaSpenser software.

The PharmaSpenser is the pharmacist interface with the PharmaSpenser robot and store, remote controlling software using
the TCP/IP protocol to manage a Client/Server application, multiple clients can communicate with the robot database in the same time, and all are managed by Queues and requests.


  • Motor Controller Drivers: Communicate with the robot driver via TCP/IP protocol.
  • Data Source: Watching the database of an external cashbox software, in order to match and synchronize new actins.

Design Considerations :

  • Synchronisations Handling client requests received by the machine controller, and executing them according to FIFO method (First In First Out) .
  • Database Mirroring: the central database is been changed frequently and all workstations should be up to date all the time from the central         database.

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