Jan 18, 2021 Desktop, Geo-Information

MAJOR 1.0 © Copyright Geo-Pioneers Ltd.

Program for GPS Network adjustment, transformation and user defined regulation.
As the different types of cadastral points have their own methods of measurement, coordinate computation and quality assurance criteria, In order to obtain a license from the surveying authorities, this software allows surveyors to define the measuring method (which includes the observation net architecture and quality assurance criteria for the measurements), as well as the computation method of each cadastral point type (which includes net adjustment, transformation, results quality assurance, and final report format). The software executes all this process automatically with informing the user about the results of every step till generating the final report for submitting to the surveying authorities.

Main Features:

  • Gross Error Detection method (using Statistical testing & Loop misclosure)
  • Licensed point library.
  • Least Square Adjustment engine.
  • RTK reliability assurance method.
  • Transformation method.
  • Method for calculating Cadastral Boundary points.
  • Regulation and Quality Assurance.
  • Smart Formal Report builder.
Major 1.0 Main Screen

Design Consideration:

  • The Major 1.0 has exceeded the design bounds, and was redesign several times as a result of deep research while the development process, 
    Layering the system architecture and partition it into subsystems was necessary to control such huge project.
  • Planning for change 
  • The project was developed using the VB environment aware to its advantages and limitations.

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